Durian candy and chips, but Durian wine, anyone?


durian.jpegAll across Southeast Asia, ‘No Durian’ signs on walls are a common sight. As a fruit, durian – tastes swell but smells horrible; it has often been turned into candy and chips or even pancakes. Now in a first attempt, the National University of Singapore’s Food Science and Technology Programme has announced that it has created durian wine with just 6% alcohol content.

After conducting research that has been going on for years, they are actually looking for a partner to market their product.
Fransisca Taniasuri, a student involved in the project, told Reuters: “For durian lovers it will be an interesting product to try because they love durian in the first place, like myself. For the non-durian lovers, actually after the fermentation, the pungent smell, the repulsive smell of durian is reduced so they may dare to try.”
The fruit that has consumers divided is rich in Vitamin B, C and E. Interestingly, Durian also contains several health benefits such as curbing appetite and migraine, tackling depression and anxiety amongst others. As a seasonal fruit, its season coincides with that of other tropical fruits like jackfruit and mango.
If you still can’t muster courage to sip durian wine, there’s another choice – papaya wine, lychee wine and more. Drink up, ye fruits of labour!

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