Did your Doctor ask you to drink wine too?

sulacork.jpg In an interview with The Statesman newspaper today, Rajeev Samant of Sula Vineyards emphasized that there are two types of wine drinkers – those that are just beginning to drink alcohol and are starting with wine and those who have been whiskey drinkers are and are being encouraged to switch to wine for health reasons.

Do you agree? Is your doctor a brand ambassador for wine? That’s a compelling thought. We all recognize that wine has some strong health benefits and it is interesting to hear that doctors are encouraging their patients to switch to wine.
The same article discusses the cork issue (it is certainly being covered everywhere). Vinod Devkar, Manager at ND Wines explains that India needs its own cork manafacturerers. Currently, all the wine makers have to import cork, and import duties cost them upto 40% of the invoice value.
Read the full article for more on the Indian wine industry and its growth potential.

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