Diageo ties up with Reliance Fresh for Wines Distribution


Diageo has tied up with Reliance Fresh to retail its international wine portfolio in the country. Diageo will launch domestic wines at Reliance Retail outlets in addition to regular liquor shops in September. Initially, the wines will be available at 15 Reliance Fresh outlets in Mumbai and Pune.
Diageo will begin by introducing their Blossom Hill Red wine and White wine in the range of Rs.700-800. Other Blossom Hill varieties like Chardonnay, Colombard Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Shiraz are priced in the range of Rs 900 -1,000.


  1. P.P.K. Mitter on

    West Bengal Excise is planning to have MRP and “For Sale In West Bengal Only” printed on all BIO brands (Wine / Spirits / Beer) labels (not by way of sticker, which is the current practice) – No registration or renewal is being allowed for the year 2007-08 without compliance of the same by all Companies dealing with BIO (Overseas) Brands
    – Is it viable ?

  2. Naresh Singhal on

    I don’t think this is a very brilliant idea. It will not make economic sense for any bottler to have special labels printed for the West Bengal only. If it is a national policy, then perhaps this might make sense.

  3. Renshaw J. Dennis on

    Why are we in West Bengal always trying to create hurdles in the BIO market. It is not only impractical but also will never be done because the volumes are too small for bulk printing on labels. Let us meet Foreign competition head on with our own quality and distribution strength,rather than block products.

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