A truly iconic wine from De Bortoli


NOBLE-ONE_red.jpg De Bortoli Noble One Australian Botrytis Semillon is one of the world’s best among sweet wines. In 1982 Darren De Bortoli, who had just graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College, Adelaide, created a path breaking Sauternes-style sweet wine at the family winery in Bilbul in New South Wales from botrytis grapes and called it, ‘Noble One’.

Citing Vittorio De Bortoli who established the family company back in 1928, Darren said, “My grandfather told me each pursuit in life should be a noble one.” And so this is the name he chose for what was to become an iconic Australian wine.
2007 marks the 25th vintage of Noble One, a wine that was revolutionary for its time because the generally accepted belief was that Australia did not have the right climatic conditions to produce a quality Sauternes-style wine. Darren’s father, Deen, however, had often thought about the possibility of producing the wine. And as it turned out, in 1982 when Darren finished college, the conditions for botrytis were ideal, and so the miracle happened.
Noble One was De Bortoli’s first international success and was a groundbreaking wine, both in terms of introducing Australian drinkers to sweet dessert wines and in showing the world that Australian wines were capable of a depth and complexity that could stand with the best from anywhere.
The 1982 De Bortoli Noble One Australian Botrytis Semillon quickly achieved international acclaim, becoming one of the world’s most sought after wines. With over 104 trophies and 352 gold medals, it has won more trophies and medals internationally than any other wine.
The 2007 Noble One marks 25 remarkable vintages of this benchmark sweet white wine created by winemaker Darren De Bortoli, that many believed could never be made!
A passion for Sauternes has seen Darren De Bortoli develop a wine that cemented its place in history. With 25 successful vintages, this pursuit has not only been noble and fruitful, but one we can all enjoy.

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