Connaught Place Wine Shop gets makeover


We haven’t made it out to Connaught Place this week as yet but the word on the ground is that the DSIIDC wine shop in CP is sporting a new look. The newly renovated store is apparently carrying over 300 wine brands in an air-conditioned fancy space. Check it out and let us know whether it’s worth a visit. Click for their foreign and domestic wine prices. Keep in mind the wine price lists also include other liquor.


  1. The foreign wine list, except for Cloudy Bay, Cape Mentelle and a few other Euro wines, is composed of low/mid priced second brands or bulk wines. May as well drink beer.
    We need privately owned wine stores that stock fine wines imported by Brindco and others and in proper chilled condition.
    Until we get the Government out of the wine selling business it probably won’t happen. Also which group of brilliant politicians decided that only 5 star hotels can carry the better wines?

  2. Well, at least the beer selection from the list appears decent…now, if I could only find the store!! Why is it that in the article, you can’t provide a simple thing like the address of the shop?
    Gary- 5 stars don’t have to pay duty…the way to go is to stop buying wines at restaurants and at 5 stars until the trade association and Brindco and other importers demand the government to relax its prohibitive tax policies with respect to wine.

  3. Sanjeev, I agree that some trade group and/or the importers are going to have to get activist but do you really count on importers to do it. The Pols have a habit of becoming punitive. Sadly, down South where I am based I drink wine that I would never touch back home and that’s stuff “imported” by non traditional means – if you get the drift.

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