Remembering Kapil


Kapil Sekhri being lionised at a party celebrating the launch of J’Noon wines in California

Kapil Sekhri was a professional to the core and admired by many, for his human qualities and professionalism. When I posted the news of his passing away on Twitter and Facebook, there was an outpouring of remembrance and condolence messages. Here are a few examples starting with the emails I received.

Jean-Charles Boisset, proprietor of Boisset Collection, USA (Jean-Charles and Kapil created the J’Noon Red, J’Noon White and JCB no.47  sparkling wine in 2018. What follows is an edited extract from a longer email From Jean-Charles).

Our friendship has no age, limit nor death…our souls were on fire to create and craft the best of what India has to offer. We believed so much in Kapil’s dream that we adopted it. What an incredible, alive, dynamic, extraordinaire and fabulous man….fantastic personality, a true entrepreneur and naturally a catalyst of life for all of us!
We created J’NOON and it has become the finest of all wines in India, thanks to Kapil and his incredible vision and determination to craft the very best. True friendship is very rare and I can say, we found it with Kapil and Puja and our family. A friend who dies, I feel something of me also dies…To love, friendship and meaningful memories forever!
All our prayers and condolences.

Pictured: Kapil Sekhri and Jean-Charles Boisset at the 2018 launch of J’Noon wines in India

Steven Spurrier, wine critic and proprietor of Bride Valley Vineyards, UK
(Steven collaborates with Piero Masi, Fratelli’s chief winemaker to produce MS Red, MS White and MS Rosé wines).

My dear friend Kapil Sekhri’s death represents the greatest possible loss to the Indian Wine Industry.  One recognises pioneers like the Grover Family, Rajeev Samant of Sula and others, but Kapil was the brightest star in the firmament of what could and should be a major source of pride for the subcontinent.  He combined the highest intelligence with a personal, driving ambition for Fratelli that embraced every member of the company from top to bottom.  My personal contribution with Piero Masi in creating the M/S range was a total pleasure and right from the start, I became part of the family.  Kapil leaves behind him an impeccable reputation for everything that is good in the wine business and most sadly he leaves the future he envisaged which built on this which may now remain un-realised.  We will not see his like again. This is a very great blow and occasion of great sadness.

Pictured: Steven Spurrier, Reva K Singh, and Isabel Beau de Lomenie with Kapil Sekhri at the launch of Steven’s memoirs at the Pullman Hotel, New Delhi

Mira Honeycutt, SI correspondent in California
I still can’t get over Kapil’s sudden death.
So young, full of dreams and visions and his passion for Fratelli.
I am honoured that I got to spend whatever little time we had together with him and his family in Napa and in Delhi. Last time we saw Kapil and Puja was at Jean- Charles birthday last year in  September in Napa

Carol Wright, SI correspondent in the UK
Thanks for letting me know. It was a great shock, I sat next to him at the London Fratelli launch you sent me to and he was so charming, vivacious and hospitable. It must be terrible for his beautiful wife. So many young, fit people seem to die after jogging, it makes one wonder.

Pictured: Piero Masi, Alessio Secci, Arjunsinh Mohite-Patil and Kapil Sekhri tasting the latest vintage in the Fratelli cellars at Akluj


Facebook and Twitter, a random selection from my iPhone

Mala Sekhri
It’s terrible, Reva, been thinking about him all morning and how kind and generous he was! Such a young talented life gone too soon. RIP dearest Kapil.

Ravi Viswanathan
Very sad for all of us. May he rest in peace

Abhishek Haryson
I still can’t come to terms with this news. I spent seven years working with him and he was an inspiration for many of us. He never rested. Today he rests in peace.

Ajoy Shaw
Really shocking news. A great loss to the industry

Shailendra Pai
Saddened at the untimely demise of Kapil. He had so much more to contribute to our industry. Deepest condolences to his family.

Ashwin Deo
Shocking news Reva! Rest in peace.

Rajeev Samant
RIP Kapil… gone too young and too soon… the entire wine industry misses you already… your passion in creating Fratelli will serve as a bright beacon

K. Mohanchandran
Very shocking and sad – deepest condolences and prayers to the family.

Saurabh Sharma
I remember when he interviewed me and discussed Fratelli wines more than a decade back. Although I never worked with him, he left an everlasting impression on me with his kind and noble manner.

Nippie Singh
Such terrible news. Unbelievable that one so young and such a fine human being is no longer with us. God bless his soul. Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Bhavna Kakar
Such shocking news, my heart goes out to Puja and everyone in the family.

Rohit Dasgupta
Very, very shocking and tragic. Having known him for so long and the wonderful person that he was, deeply saddened by this news. Huge loss to the wine fraternity. We have lost an inspirational visionary.

Deepak Shahdadpuri
Kapil was such an important part of the Indian wine industry and I know that everyone, including me, had tremendous respect for him and Fratelli.

Yugaam Shah
Bhagwan unki atma ko shanti de… 
Didn’t know him but have enjoyed his Fratellis, they are our first choice.

Ashish Kapur
Absolutely shocking! Kapil is a legend for the wine fraternity and put India on the world map.

Ashok Pomi Malik
How tragic…. a young life snuffed out at such a tender age.

The Mullineuxs
This is so shocking. He was incredible and we are sending warm love and prayers to his family.


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