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EAT logo.jpgThe EU and Italian government focus on F&B promotion in India.
EAT (European Art of Taste) is a programme supported by the European Union and Italian Government that promotes the best of European food and wine. By lending its support, the European Union guarantees the quality, authenticity and safety of the products.

EAT plans to conduct several programmes across India for Italian food and wine promotion. These will take place over the next three years and will highlight the importance of country or region of origin. A product with the prestigious PDO or GPI label indicates that it was manufactured in the traditional manner entirely within a specific region and has the unique properties of that region.
The first event in the series as part of its India promotion in 2009 will be held in Mumbai on March 25, at Indigo restaurant in association with RRO Connect. It will be conducted by Chef Michele Tomadin from Parma in Italy.
The second event will be held between May 5 and 10 in Bangalore targeting the specific needs of the professional segment, namely, chefs, restaurant owners, bartenders, retailers, as well as high-end consumers. This will include in-store demos, tasting sessions, product trials, product preparations and suggested pairing.
The four product categories EAT plans to promote in India are: Italian wines, olive oil and Provolone cheese of certified origin, and Italian pasta made of 100% durum wheat.
For more details of the programme schedules contact:
Dr. NINA SAXENA (+91 9811165750) and SEEMA CHARI (+91 9810911245)
M/s Eloquenza
G-204, Yamuna Apts
New Delhi 110019
Tel +91 11 40523817
email: info@eloquenza.in.

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