Chile’s “floating embassy” docks in Indian waters


Esmeralda Naval Ship.jpgThe Chilean training ship Esmeralda, known as Chile’s floating embassy, docked in Mumbai from 29 August to 3 September. On 31 August, His Excellency, Cristian Barros, Ambassador of Chile hosted a reception with the best of Chilean food and wine on board. Pictured: The handsome Esmeralda, a Sail Ship of the Chilean Navy

Organised by ProChile, the Trade Commission of Chile, the reception was attended by a high profile gathering of Mumbaikers including guests from the services, diplomatic corps and wine enthusiasts eager to sample the premium wines of Chile that accompanied the short eats. The unique setting on board a sailing ship made it a special experience and a perfect occasion for showcasing some of Chile’s finest wines.
The wines of Chile have grown steadily in popularity with Indian consumers. Indeed, it was not so long ago in 2007 that only around 12 Chilean brands were available in India, whereas today we have double that number. Included among these are the following labels which were enjoyed by the guests: Montes Alpha Merlot 2009, Anakena Cabernet Savignon Rosé, Valdivieso Merlot, Luis Felipe Edward Pupila Merlot and Anakena Ona Premuin – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère and Syrah.
Apart from wine, Pisco, the much vaunted Chilean grape brandy that is used to make delicious cocktails was also introduced to guests on the Esmeralda during its stopover in Mumbai. Two popular cocktails that you should try are the iconic Pisco Sour and Piscola or Pisco and cola.
esmeralda mumbai.jpgThe Esmeralda, which is the world’s second tallest sail ship and also the longest, is on a Goodwill Tour around the world docking at 14 ports during its 260-day tour. Commanded by Captain Guillermo Juttges Mathiru, the ship has a mixed crew of 351 male and female sailors. The Esmeralda at the overcast Mumbai harbour
The ship has a long history of training Chilean sailors and is on her
57th instructional cruise. It dropped anchor in Mumbai after sailing more than 30,000 nautical miles and will return to her home port of Valparaiso on 6 January 2013.
The Esmeralda is named after another ship of the same name, which is
revered in Chilean naval history as a ship that went down, all guns
blazing, and stands for the valour of the sailors who were lost.

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