The Rolls Royce of Wine Courses


home_pic.jpg We all know what it’s like to be handed a wine list at a business dinner and not know how to make a suitable selection. It can be downright embarrassing. Understanding wine is essential in today’s world. You can start by reading about wine and developing a taste memory of all the wines you drink. You can also go to wine school. But if you are looking to immerse yourself in a short but extreme wine experience, writes Reva K. Singh, La Verrière (pictured) is the place for you.

Created by former international investment banker, Nicole Sierra-Rolet and Clive Barlow MW, The Chêne Bleu Extreme Wine Experience designed for wine enthusiasts of all levels is a five-day immersion programme held in conjunction with the London Wine Academy at Provence in the south of France. It includes lectures and workshops, wine tastings and hands-on activities in the winery and vineyard. The programme is taught by top Masters of Wine and celebrated winemakers. At the end of the course successful participants receive the globally recognised WSET Intermediate Certification, as well as the proprietary Chêne Bleu Extreme Wine Certification.
The setting of luxurious country chic is as close to heaven as you can get, combined with a state-of-the-art winery and high-tech facilities such as wi-fi, high-speed Internet access, and digital phone and fax lines. It’s serious learning, professionally organised and has been called the Rolls Royce of wine courses but also promises to be very enjoyable. Guests have the run of the property during the course and can look forward to gourmet meals and plenty of excellent wine. Team up with another couple or go by yourself and make new friends. La Verrière, Provence, South of France, from 5th – 9th September 2010.

For details, check out Chêne Bleu Extreme Wine Tel. +44 7976 399 998 or email

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