Charity Wine Dinners in India by CSSG


charity_dinners.jpgIt is early November. Almost four weeks now since I returned from my last trip to India, a country that has fascinated me ever since my first visit seven years ago. Back home here in London the weather has turned bitterly cold and the rain is steadily pouring down, as I am writing these lines, says Peter Csizmadia-Honigh. (Pictured left.) It is the night of Diwali and I am hopeful that the Michelin star dusted dinners, organised by the Creative Services Support Group (CSSG), will have raised sufficient funds…

…so as to bring light into the life of many underprivileged kids through enabling them to learn a trade. Let me unfold the complex storyline of these special dinners featuring my selection of Indian wines with the dishes curated by some of the most celebrated chefs from the UK and Australia.
In late 2012 a good friend living in Delhi introduced me to Anand Kapoor, the Director of CSSG. As I had conducted a charity dinner and auction with fine Hungarian wines at the Taj Palace Hotel before, I thought it was the next opportunity to ‘give back to society’. Little did I suspect what an adventure I was getting myself into.
Anand, born and educated in the UK, is a New Delhi based entrepreneur running the hugely successful Image Foundry, an award-winning vfx studio, which he had founded with his brother in 2001 after having worked in the US and France.
Business made Anand relocate to India in 2006, where he soon realised that there was plenty of opportunities to involve the creative industries in charitable endeavours. Supported by his wife Aditi, a seasoned business woman with an MBA from the US, Anand set up the Creative Services Support Group three years ago.
CSSG- day 4 school visit-6.jpgThe aim of the registered charity is to support young under-privileged Indian kids to learn a trade so that they will be able to be self-reliant. The Kapoors, believing that charity should be joyful and fun, put creativity at the heart of CSSG. (Left: Visit to school for under-privileged children)
Their fund-raising efforts are centred around fine dining experiences, which are inspired and complemented by art installations and specially commissioned pieces of art. The idea is simple, but impactful. Artists, musicians, chefs and other creatives contribute their time and expertise to the creation of unique experiences, which are sold to the affluent and discerning with deep pockets and generous hearts.
Read more about the Charity Dinners by Michelin starred chefs in the next edition of Sommelier India Wine Magazine, Issue 6, December 2013-January 2014, available for subscribers in print or via the App store in early December

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