Champagne Indage buys South Australian Winery

south_australia1.jpg Champagne Indage Ltd (CIL) acquired Australian Vintage Loxton winery for $60 million (Rs. 2.4 billion) in an all cash transaction. The acquisition will increase the production capacity of CIL from 32 million litres (3.5 million cases) to 122 million litres (13.5 million cases) per year. Loxton is situated in Riverland, South Australia and is the fifth largest winery in the country.

It has an annual crushing capacity of over 80,000 tons and an annual capacity of 90 million litres. It is also configured to handle smaller batches of more premium fruit, sourced predominantly from the Riverland vineyards.

The Riverland accounts for around half of South Australia’s total crush and around one quarter of Australia’s production. Internationally, the Riverland is responsible for a major percentage of all Australian wine exported overseas. The Riverland wine region has approximately 1,300 wine grape growers who in 2005 produced over 480,000 tonnes of grapes.
The main grape varieties grown in the Riverland are Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Promising varieties to look out for include Petit Verdot and Viognier. The Riverland is renowned for its generous fruit driven wines with Chardonnay being particularly suited to the warm growing conditions of the Riverland. The Riverland boasts more Chardonnay plantings than the combined total of other regions in S.A.

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