Champagne holidays – Just a click away

Champagne Day.jpgiTunes has launched a new app called Champagne Day, targeted especially for Champagne lovers who are planning a trip to the region and want hands-on information from reliable sources before they plan their holidays, writes Ruma Singh. It is the first app about Champagne the region, its history and places to visit, where to eat and other valuable tips. Priced at $12.99 it was launched a few weeks ago, and the response has been very positive, says Yvonne Halling, the creator of the app.

Yvvonne and her husband Jiles Halling, run Champagne’s top-ranked bed and breakfast destination in the Grand Cru village of Verzy, Les Molyneux and have many years of experience living in the region. Jiles, an expert on Champagne, is a consultant and Yvonne, his wife, advises the hospitality industry on how to run successful B&B businesses. “In our line, we’re frequently being asked by our guests to help them plan their visit to the area to maximise the experience,” she says.
The idea of turning this into an easy-access app soon followed. Over the years, Yvonne has become an expert on the best restaurants for every price range, how to book Champagne and culinary tours, and ideas on travel around the region. It seemed natural to put that expertise into a handy app for smart phones. “It also contains many videos of small and large Champagne producers, and our personal network of contacts, which will give insights into places and people you wouldn’t necessarily discover if on your own, ” says Yvonne.
The well-designed app combines attractive visuals with easy headers to help the Champagne traveller get the information requires. This includes Champagne tours and tasting details (from major houses, to smaller growers and even the best Champagne bars in Reims & Epernay), where to stay (hotel or B&B/ in Grand Cru villages with addresses, maps, complete with emails, phone numbers and GPS coordinates etc).
Other sub-heads include Culture & Heritage of the Champagne region, Activities, Events, Shopping and other information. Yvonne intends to update the information based on feedback. The photo gallery contains attractive photographs of famous sights around Reims and Epernay, all to whet the appetite of those to whom a visit to Champagne is a must-do part of their wine travels.

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