Chablis Expects a Golden Harvest


Oct 27-Chablis vineyards.jpgOctober 26, 2012: The weather in Burgundy hasn’t been exactly ideal for grape growers but, even so, the predictions for the 2012 harvest in Chablis are good. This is due in large measure to the producers themselves who played a critical role by responding in a timely fashion to changing weather conditions. Pictured: Aerial view of Chablis, the northernmost wine district in Burgundy

Vineyard owner and president of the Union des Grands Crus de Chablis, Louis Moreau, said: “This year has been a particularly difficult year in terms of grape growing due to challenging weather but many producers have reacted quickly to the changing situations and demonstrated patience in order to harvest at the optimum date.
“We saw frosts at early growing season, rain in May and June, and a very dry August, but thankfully September brought with it plenty of rain, giving the vineyards the hydration they needed.
“Although we don’t have exact harvest figures yet, it is fair to say that many producers are expecting lower quantities than previous years, up to 10% down on 2011, however all suggestions are that 2012 is going to be a quality vintage for Chablis.”
The region celebrated the annual Chablis wine festival which takes place in the heart of Chablis (Boulevard du Docteur Tacussel) on 27-28 October 2012. Now in its 64th year, the two day festival celebrates the harvest and brings visitors from around the world.
With more than 50 presenters, along with diverse entertainment and exhibits, visitors got the opportunity to discover the products of the terroir, learn about the four levels of appellation, and improve their tasting techniques, or quite simply stroll through the streets and lanes of Chablis.
Said Françoise Roure, Marketing Communications Manager at Bureau Inter-professionnel de Vins de Bourgogne (BIVB): “The Chablis wine festival is a great way for the region to unite and offers the opportunity to meet the producers and taste the wines. The harvest has been tough this year, but as always, the region’s producers have come together and helped each other through the challenges faced. There is a great solidarity between the wine producers of Chablis.”

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