Certifying quality, Italian style


Italian wines have to adhere to stringent government controls and standards. The UIV or Unione Italiana Vini Laboratories play an important role in this by certifying the quality of the wine and the specifications printed on the label. India could do with a regulatory body certifying quality in a similar fashion. Agree?

With highly trained personnel and state of the art equipment, the laboratories conduct a wide range of tests on the wine as well as bottle closures and corks. The most basic analysis for export or for DOC accreditation is the testing of alcohol, sugar, acidity and sulphur levels while corks undergo microbiological and physical checks for moulds, proper dimensions, capillarity, etc.
Carrying out physical, chemical, microbial, biological and sensory analysis, UIV is one of the bigger and more specialized labs in the country with its headquarters in Verona and four other branches, said Technical Director Roberta Danzi. It is also the only private company to conduct isotopic analysis in Italy.
The UIV is a co-operative of wine and olive oil producers with 450 members representing 48% of Italian production in volume. They all support this layer of quality checking.
Indian winemakers are keen to export their wine to new markets. The largest winemakers already do. A regulatory body can only help protect brand India as the wines reach more drinkers world over. Arguably, this would be of value even with wines only sold domestically. If you are a winemaker would you support such an initiative?

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