California Wine Icon Ernest Gallo dies at 98

ernestgallo.jpg Ernest Gallo’s death, just shy of his 98th birthday, leaves E&J Gallo number two worldwide in volume terms. Through the decades and with sheer hard work and commitment, the two brothers Ernest and Jullio (who died in 1993) established one of the most dominating wine empires in the world. Unlike many other large wine families, they were not born into wealth. Their father had started a winery but died a pauper.

As a result, the brothers’ early motivation was to bring back honor to their family name and pay off family debts. They did that and much more not just for themselves but for the world of wine too. Today, E&J Gallo is recognized for bringing wine to the American masses. E&J Gallo wines are distributed by Radico Khaitan in India.
Read Ernest Gallo’s obituary on the E&J Gallo website and Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s coverage too.

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