Black Tower Rieslings now available in India

Black Tower from one the largest and most popular German Riesling houses Reh Kendermann GMBH is now available in India. Black Tower is the largest selling Riesling in the UK and the largest German global wine brand. In fact, a recent study has shown that Rieslings were a perfect match for the complex, spicy and varied flavours of dishes from India and China. They pair well with seafood and chicken dishes too. The wines are being distributed by Sovereign Impex (P) Ltd.

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  1. Black Tower is he best wine that I have trasted till now. I developed the taste for Black Tower when I was in Europe.
    I was just searching on the internet if someone is shipping the Black Tower to INDIA, when I came through this article.
    I have tried the website However, It does not exist any more.
    Can you please guide me to anywebsite where they deliver or sell in INDIA the Black Tower WINES?

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