Benvenuto, Italia! Kinvah gets an Italian flavour


kan1.jpgBringing elegance and complexity to its flagship wine, Kinvah, Italian oenologist Luca Patricelli has big plans for Karnataka’s Nandi Valley winery, writes Ruma Singh. Wines in Karnataka are getting an Italian flavour. And that is because of Italian oenologist Luca Patricelli, who is lending his expertise to Nandi Valley Winery’s Bijapur-based 250 acre vineyards. The winery’s flagship brand of wine, Kinvah, is undergoing changes under his tutelage. Read the full article in the latest issue of Sommelier India.

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  1. Isn’t that typical Indian attitude, just cannot be contend with what they have but want flavors from all around the globe but India, I guess it does not taste like wine, or is there no room for any Indian qualified oenologist.
    Its a shame big time
    FYI: I’m not a wine maker…
    Thanks you guys

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