Revisiting Baan Thai at The Oberoi, New Delhi

Baan Thai-Thai pandanas leaf wrapped chicken grilled on charcoal.jpgFor all die-hard fans of Thai food – Baan Thai is back! The flavours of the iconic Thai restaurant at the Oberoi are back in Delhi – but only for a limited time. So hurry and book yourself a table at the threesixty° restaurant at the Oberoi from 18th Jan to 27 Jan. You are in for a real treat. Charcoal-grilled chicken in Thai pandanas leaf

Not only is the food that made Baan Thai back, but so is the chef who created the cuisine. Chef Klae, presently head chef at Baan Thai, Oberoi Grand, Kolkatta, is overseeing the “Aromas of Baan Thai” at threesixty°.
Baan Thai-Thai stir fried prawns with birds eye chillies and lemongrass.jpgDelhiites will remember heading to the erstwhile Baan Thai at the Oberoi for its authenticity – in its recipes as well as its ingredients. Ingredients that could not be sourced locally, were imported every week. Some of the highlights of Baan Thai – which literally means “Thai House” – that will be available through the coming week are Kai Pakrai or stir fried chicken with lemongrass and hot basil; Moo Yang or honey-glazed roast pork belly with Thai chillies and galangal and Pla Manao or steamed garouper with bird’s eye chillies, garlic and lemon sauce.
Thai stir fried prawns with birds eye chillies and lemongrass
There is ample fare for vegetarians as well. Old favourites like the Tom Yam Koong soup (prawn soup flavoured with lemon grass and kaffir leaves, galangal and lime), Hormok, Pad Thai and Tseng Te Chang will be resurrected. In case you missed the desserts when Baan Thai presided over Delhi’s Thai food scene, here’s your chance to dig into homemade mango, pandanus and coconut ice creams. Wine lovers will have plenty of opportunity to indulge their palate with these Thai specialities.
Thai Food Promotion at threesixty° – 18th January to 27th January
For reservations, call 011 2436 3030