Avoiding Carpet Stains When Red Wine Spills

Carpet StainsWe’ve been in settings where we’ve seen wine being spilt on a gorgeous Kashmiri carpet. Sometimes it may have even our own carpets as a dinner guest swayed a bit too fluidly to the music while holding his glass. Those carpet disasters are always bound to happen. The question is what can be done to limit their damage to your carpet. Here are some tips for red wine spills.

Probably the best emergency response is to use white wine. When the red wine spills, pour white wine over it. It will neutralize the red wine and will make it easier to lift the color off the carpet. Pour the white wine over the stain and gently blot the liquid up with a thick towel. First rule to carpet cleaning is – Do not rub the stain as it’ll spread the color across the carpet. Once the majority of the stain is blotted up, take a clothing stain remover or preferably a carpet shampoo and clean the stain just as you would any regular dirt stain.
An alternative to using white wine to lift the colour off the carpet is to use club soda which should have the same effect. Salt also can help by soaking up the stain before the fabric has saturated. Keep in mind that when the wine spills, you must act immediately. Any delay will make it harder to remove the wine stains. Applying vinegar (mixed in water) before blotting can also help.
There is another remedy too albiet a less chemical one. Roll up your carpets before your dinner party! And if that’s not an option then keep a steely eye on your guests as the night unfolds. Every time you find a tipsy guest on the verge of dancing with his wine glass in his hand, make your way over to him (or her for that matter) and offer to relieve him of his glass.

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