Australian minister from Victoria visits Bangalore


Minister Allan Photograph for blog.jpgJacinta Allen, the minister for Regional and Rural development of the State of Victoria, Australia, was recently in Bangalore to unveil the Victorian Food and Wine Festival. The minister came to town with some good news for all lovers of good food, and especially, wine, writes Ruma Singh.
Left: Jacinta Allen, minister for Regional and Rural development of the State of Victoria, Australia

During her visit, the minister held talks with representatives of various retail organizations and the talk, inevitably, turned to wine.
Victoria is famous for its wines, from large, mid-range wine companies to boutique wineries specializing in top-quality wines. It boasts of 21 famous winemaking regions from the Yarra Valley to the Mornington Peninsula. Ms Allen’s own home town, Bendigo, is close to Pondalowie, a “great winemaker from Central Victoria. The good thing about my portfolio is that I get to do a lot with food and wine,” she remarked.
The region’s volcanic soil and flood plains make for ideal conditions for the cultivation of wine grapes. Victoria has an astounding 800 wineries of varying sizes and capacities. Of special interest to the environmentally-conscious is the fact that Victorian wines have a clear ‘clean and green’ policy when it comes to agriculture and manufacturing processes.
So will we see an increased interest in India from specialized winemakers in the near future? Ms Allen was most positive, particularly encouraged by India’s growth even in these times of economic hardship the world over.
“We see a bright future for Victoria in India,” she said, “I plan to send a targeted trade mission to India next month to explore more opportunities.”
And that particularly includes wine. From then on, should there be an interest in the retail and hotel industry, wines from Victoria’s wine regions will be seen more and more on the tables of wine drinkers around the country.

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