Lunch at India Jones


indiajones.jpgYou are entertaining a colleague. It’s a publisher’s lunch. Or perhaps you belong to the Ladies Who Lunch set. There are many palates to please, but you don’t fancy a buffet. What could be better than the Korean set menu at India Jones? They say it’s vibrant, it’s delicious, it’s spicy. If you want a good lunch with time enough to talk, a fixed menu is the answer. There’s no dithering over what to order.

Although it resembles other Oriental cuisines, Korean food has its own distinct flavours. Dak Dori Tang is chicken, potatoes, leeks, shitake and carrots, with essence of ginger, garlic and fresh chillies. Do Mi Jim translates into sweet red snapper with sweet soy sauce.
If you’re looking for something more robust, Kal Bi Gooi is broiled Tenderloin marinated in sesame oil with sake and ginger and Dhaji Bul Gogi is barbequed pork with chilli, sesame seed oil and spring onion.
The main courses are accompanied by Korean namuls – a range of vegetarian side dishes, rice, salads and a variety of oils and sauces followed by fruit and sujonka.
No meal is complete without a glass of wine. So start with a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc and then move on to a spicy Shiraz from the Opium Den next door.
– SI team
How to Get There
India Jones
Lunch: 12.30 p.m. to 2.45 p.m.
The Trident
Nariman Point
+91 22 6632 6330

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