At your doorstep: a Vial of Wine from Vinebox

The vinebox with wine vials

There are Wine Clubs and Wine Clubs, both digital and bricks and mortar. But here’s a wine club that’s an entirely new concept – a WINE-BY-THE-GLASS club!

Created by former corporate American lawyers, Mathew Dukes and Rachel Vodofsky, the new wine start-up is called Vinebox. Once you subscribe, you receive a box with vials, information on the varietals and the description of each region. Each vial contains a full glass of 100 ml each and lasts for three years. The wines are handpicked from well-known vineyards in France, Italy and Spain by sommeliers.

It’s not possible for wine enthusiasts in India to join and order wines-by-the-glass, but it makes an interesting read.  For more information, go to