Presorvac wine preservation system in India


presorvac1.gifAspri Spirits Private Limited has launched the wine preservation system, Presorvac in India. Automatic and easy to use, Presorvac assists preservation for both still and sparkling wines and increases the shelf life of open wine bottles by over a week. Given our climate, can we do without it? Suneeta Sodhi Kanga has the details.

Anthony Lemme spent a lifetime overcoming the challenges of protecting wine and champagne from deterioration, once opened. An expert in wine preservation, Lemme introduced the first hand-held vacuum resealing system in the US, as well as eight other countries in the late 80s. He followed this breakthrough product with the development of his patented Epicvac System, the world’s first changeable combination Vacuum and Pressure Pump, as well as the Epivac Wine and Champagne Stoppers.
Among the top-selling hand-held vacuum resealer brands worldwide with estimated combined sales in excess of 30 million units, Lemme estimates his handheld pumps average more than 2 million units per year. Following years of research and development, Lemme says Presorvac is a 100% natural method for preserving wines with greater ease, speed and convenience. In a highly co-ordinated survey in USA by wine professionals for various preservation systems, Presorvac showed better results and was available at a better price than any other similar system.
Now that Aspri Spirits has signed the agreement with Presorvac to market and distribute their products, more F&B outlets will be able to offer a comprehensive “Wine by the Glass” programme for wine enthusiasts in India.

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