An Oriental Extravaganza at Silk Route, Pune


If you are in Pune on Wednesday, 24 June 2009 you can look forward to a very special Pan-Asian dinner at Silk Route, Brinda Gill writes. Rita and Nainpal Sawhney, owners of Silk Route, Pune’s popular Oriental restaurant, are hosting a wine dinner on 24 June 2009 with an elaborate menu.

Diners can expect an enjoyable, leisurely gourmet meal that will unfold over 18 Oriental non-vegetarian starters, speciality main course dishes and unusual desserts.
The Sawhneys have been researching the dishes over the past weeks to get the menu just right. “We want to present a feast that recalls the imperial banquets of kingdoms of the East when an array of delicacies would be served one after the other,” says Nainpal as Rita interacts with the chefs to fine tune the quantity of herbs and spices, the cooking techniques, the thickness of batter and the portion sizes of each dish.
The starters, which have been specially created for the gourmet dining experience, include chicken wings stuffed with water chestnuts, lamb pancakes, grilled chicken with coconut cream, Peking Duck, crab cake with hot sauce, prawn dumpling with black bean sauce, lobster soya garlic and calamari rings with wasabi sauce.
Main course dishes include kai soi and Singapore shrimp noodles while the desserts comprise an unusual wasabi ice cream and sticky rice with mango. Guests can select any two cocktails from a choice of six that includes Stairway to Heaven a cocktail of Chenin Blanc with apple juice.
Cost: Rs. 900 all inclusive, per person. For more information and reservations, call: 9860602463 or 9822356590.


  1. Oriental silk offers an awesome authentic oriental cuisine,,, Simply put – A taste-bud journey to the east,,, The personal touch by Rita and Nainpal is the secret ingredient which makes dinning at Silk Route a wholesome experience.

  2. Anil Kishnani on

    A beautiful dining experience and some creative dishes that is a delight to eat. I enjoyed it completely and the personal touch from the hosts was the icing on the cake.

  3. Nisha Mansukhani on

    I really enjoyed each starters ,they were all unique in their presentation and taste .The main course dish kai soi was the best and my favorite and it is value for money.

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