An Independence Day Toast

india_flaga.jpg Sommelier India wishes all its readers a Happy Independence Day for August 15th. If you are wondering how to celebrate it, considering the country has just won an Olympic Gold, here’s the scoop. Head Sommelier Stephane Soret at The Imperial, Delhi has received 12 bottles of 1947 Bas-Armagnac from Marc Darroze in France just in time to celebrate Independence day.

So take yourself to The Imperial, New Delhi, and toast the nation with a shot or two of very special Bas-Armagnac, Vintage 1947, specially bottled in honour of India’s independence. A 30 ml shot costs Rs. 5000.
Different and superior than ordinary cognac, armagnac is France’s most natural and complex brandy. Produced in the Gascony region of southwestern France, Armagnac pre-dates cognac by about 150 years but never achieved the same widespread sales figures. However, as Charles Neal, author of The Definitive Guide to France’s Premier Brandy, points out, armagnac has always commanded a more important restaurant presence and level of connoisseur appreciation. The older vintages are better, more complex and more expensive, but it’s also important to choose Armagnac from a good producer.
Says Soret, “After tremendous success with my high-end Indian clientele, I’m happy this consignment arrived just in time to celebrate the Independence of India, in addition to my current single vintage collection.”

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