An epicentre for wine education


DSC_5790.JPGWith Indian hospitality at world class levels, there is no reason why the national wine quotient should not be comparable. Wi-Not’s newly opened Institute of Wine and Beverages has ambitious plans to fill the gap, writes Gagan Sharma of Wi-Not Beverage Solutions.

In a burgeoning wine market, India has a number of consumers and young professionals who want to understand wine better. With a growing number of wines entering the market, the Institute of Wine + Beverage Studies (IWBS) has developed a wine programme to bridge the gap between consumers and the market. Aiming at providing a stable platform for wine education that is internationally recognised, IWBS also wants wine to remain a fun subject.
IWBS has created a physical epicentre for wine information and learning, an actual bricks- and- mortar venue with a relaxing environment, where people can come and spend time, and learn something useful about wines. The Tasting Room at IWBS is world-class and unmatched in Asia. Various course formats are already being made available for consumers and trade – from WSET Level 1 and 2 to other tailor-made sessions – including some national exclusives, like the first formal and internationally recognised Australian Wine certification as propagated by Wine Australia. IWBS counts on local players (winemakers and importers) among its supporters, people who help keep costs sensible in a tax-heavy situation.
Consequently, the quality of wines tasted for any course is unparalleled and soon direct imports will ensure that the selection is indeed unique. A cellar room, day class rooms, and a library are envisioned to be added soon, as also a mock vineyard, all to help vinos understand the single most important thing about wines: it all begins with a grape.

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