An all new Wine Club in Gurgaon


gwc 1.jpg Recently Gurgaon opened its doors to a new wine club. Promoted by Deepak Jain, Ajay Taneja, Vandanaa Taneja and Ragini Jain, the Gurgaon Wine club was launched in May at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Gurgaon, states a media release. Right: Founders Deepak Jain and Ajay Taneja

Deepak Jain one of the founders of the wine club, said, “The idea behind the Gurgaon Wine Club is to bring together like-minded people who are interested in wine.”
The event was attended by people from various fields like lawyers, chartered accountants, business men, artists, etc. Since its inception two months ago, the Gurgaon wine club’s current membership is 78 members and the annual membership fee is Rs 2000 per couple.
“The club is a forum to enhance members’ knowledge about wines, understand how wine differs from other alcoholic beverages, and its quality of pairing with food, etc.” The wine club seeks to achieve this through events such as wine tastings, brunch cookouts, and presentations by sommeliers and other knowlegeable speakers, added Ajay Taneja another founding member of the club.
Left: Vandanaa Taneja, Ajay Taneja, Ajay Gotwal of Pernod Ricard, Deepak Jain, Ragini Jain
The evening started with a tasting of SIWC award-winning wines from Seagrams Nine Hills brand. Ajay Gotwal of Pernod Ricard was present at the event to conduct the wine tasting session. Also present at the event were the Indian representatives of Spiegelau glasses, the Bar Saga and Three Sixty Degrees, who gave a briefing about their glasses.
The members got to know a number of interesting facts related to wine after the tasting session such as how exactly a glass of wine is to be tasted, the 4 S’s of tasting which are Sight, Smell, Swirl and Sip, what are dry wines and what kind of Indian foods they can be paired with. Wines, unlike other alcoholic drinks, are to be consumed along with your foodl rather than before or after a meal.
All in all, the entire evening was not only immensely informative but also very smoothly and tastefully executed, notes the release.The formal introduction of the Wine Club, was followed by the popping of Champagne corks and the release of confetti.
The event was a great success and very well attended. The founders are confident about its continuing success and feel certain that the Wine Club Gurgaon will reach immense heights.

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