All you wanted to know about wines, Times of India

India is no stranger to wine. Tracing the history of the drink, its origins can be found in old religious writings. During the Vedic period, wine was often referred to as ‘Somarasa’. Hindu Gods Indra and Varuna are believed to have tasted a mixture of wine and herbs as per the Yajurveda. Reva Singh of Sommelier India is quoted in this Times of India article discussing the Indian wine culture. toiwinea.jpg

“The wine culture in India is growing steadily without a doubt and its future is very rosy, but there is still a woeful lack of knowledge. At present, wine consumption is mainly in the metros but no longer confined only to the affluent consumer. Once Indians begin to enjoy wine with food and we can shop for wine like we buy our general provisions, we will reach the next level in our unfolding wine culture,” says Reva Singh publisher and editor of Sommelier India, the country’s only magazine dedicated to wines.
“The most important factor contributing to its growth is that India is producing some really good wines. Many of these wines are making an appearance abroad and are becoming increasingly popular as a natural extension of Indian cuisine,” she adds.
Read the full article which talks about the wine clubs and the wine culture more broadly. The AFP also mentioned Sommelier India in a recent article on the Indian wine scene.

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