A wine dinner to launch Angove wines in India

Recently, Sommelier India attended a special wine dinner to launch Angove in India. The dinner was hosted by the Hyatt Regency’s speciality Indian restaurant. Angove is the 10th largest winery in Australia and the 8th largest Australian wine exporter by volume. In 2006, the company crushed a record of 21,000 tonnes of fruit. The wines are imported by Sanjiv K singh of TT&G Trading.
On the right is Victoria Angove posing with her wines just after the wine dinner.

It is also one of South Australia’s most successful businesses – a fifth-generation family business with a tradition of excellence and an eye for the future.
The Angove family winemaking history goes back to 1886 when Dr W.T Angove came to Australia from Cornwall and established a medical practice at the then small Adelaide Hills town of Tea Tree Gully. He started cultivating vines and making wines as a tonic for his patients.
In 1910, his son Thomas Carolyn Angove took over the business and established a winery at Renmark, developing the St Agnes Brandy label. In 1965 T.C Angove’s son Thomas William conceived and developed the first “bag in a box” package for wine- a flexible plastic bag inside a corrugated board box.
Sanjiv K Singh and Victoria from Angove
Angove’s is now a significant producer of premium wines, with about half its fruit sourced from its Nanya Vineyard along the River Murray- the largest single vineyard in Australia with a common boundary with more than 800,000 vines over 480 hectares.
Nanya is currently undergoing a massive redevelopment that will see the entire vineyard transformed. Rows are being pulled out and turned through 90 degrees and replanted using new vertical trellising, computer controlled drip irrigation, fertigation and modern vine clones and rootstocks. This redevelopment will take 8 years at a total of over $ 12 million.
Other premium fruit is sourced from Padthaway, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra and Wrattonbully as well as from independent growers in the Riverland. Angove’s premium wines brands include Vineyard Select, Long Row, Nine Vines, Red Belly Black, Stonegate and Butterfly Ridge. They also produce St Agnes Brandy, Australia’s most awarded and largest selling brandy, as well as Stone’s Original Green Ginger Wine under license.
The waiters were dressed in black shewanis and white turbans including this elegant woman
Angove’s is committed to the philosophies of family business and remains a family owned and operated company. The Chairman and Managing Director is Mr John Angove, and the first member of the fifth generation, Victoria Angove, is presently the International Business Development Manager. Along with a dedicated management team the company is driving strongly into the future.


  1. Firstly, i must congratulate you people on this wonderful effort. I’d like to you if you have a list of all Indian wines on this blog somewhere…also a list of wine shops where Indian wines other than the ever popular Sulas would be available.
    I have an Indian food blog and would love to link up to your blog for info on Indian wines.

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    Doss Lawrence

  3. I am keen on knowing if there are any restrictions that the Government of India has for making Home Made Wines on a large scale and distributing it among friends.

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