A “Sexy” Spanish Rose Sparkling for Valentine’s Day

cava_valentines.jpgWhat better way to usher in Valentine’s Day than with a sparkling rose! Especially one that the makers have taken to the next level of romance, calling it a “sexy sparkling”, says Soni Sangwan. We are talking about the De Nit, Rosé Cava from the Raventos I Blanc vineyard in Catalania, Spain. Pictured left: De Nit, Rosé Cava

De Nit is a pale, baby pink sparkling that encompasses the characteristics of the four grapes that go into making it. It has the fruitiness and citric taste from the Macabeo; balance, body and acidity from the Xarelo; the lovely colour and hint of bitterness at the end from the Monastrell and the finesse and elegance from the Parellada. The result, as Frances Escala, who looks after International Markets for Raventos, puts it, is a “Rose sparkling with a white soul”.
Coming from the family that created the world’s first Cava in 1872, and later got the Cava recognised as a DO, one can expect a lot from the De Nit. But before coming to the attributes of the Cava, a bit about the back story – this lovely rosé sparkling came about as the result of a mistake. “We wanted to make a Rosé Cava with our indigenous Xarelo grapes and Pinot Noir grapes. But the Pinot Noir was planted on a vineyard at the top of the property. The location did not allow us to control the colour of the grapes. The result was a rosé much darker than we wanted. So we abandoned the idea of using Pinot Noir and instead, blended the Xarelo with Monastrell grown on a vineyard on our property that is next to a lake giving us a rosé with a lovely, pale colour,” reveals Escala.
The other grapes that went into the De Nit were the Macabeo and the Parellada. The result is one of the best-selling wines for Raventos I Blanc which was awarded 93 points by noted wine expert Robert Parker, which is the highest in the Sparkling Wines under $ 30 category. Pick this if you are looking for a special celebratory drink for Valentine’s Day. The wine goes well with seafood, oysters, sashimi, Spanish tapas and is great with a chocolate dessert or just pure chocolate.
Revealing true Spanish pride, Raventos I Blanc has made it almost a mission to create truly national sparkling wines. “When you mention Champagne, you think of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. And when you think of sparkling wines, you think of the same grapes being used in the method champenoise. But we want people to have a uniquely Spanish experience when they have Cava. So we are making Cava from indigenous grapes like Macabeo and Xarelo,” explains Escala.
The Raventos I Blanc L’Hereu Reserve Brut is an example. Made from Macabeo, Xarelo and Parellada grapes, the wine is crisp, fresh, nutty, fruity, yet it is also mellow. It is a perfect aperitif and also goes well with light appetizers.
Another must try is their Perfum de Vi Blanc. As the name suggests, the wine is all about its perfume. Made from Macabeo and Muscat de Frontgnan, the aroma is extremely delicate and fragrant, taking you to the Spanish countryside. The aroma is intense, floral, with hints of peach and fresh fig. On the palate, it is straight forward and has the pleasant juiciness reminiscent of ripe peaches.
Price in Delhi
Raventos I Blanc De Nit Rose Cava @ Rs 3540 plus taxes
Raventos I Blanc L’Hereu Reserve Brut Cava @ Rs 2920 plus taxes
Raventos I Blanc Perfum de Vi Blanc @ Rs 2310 plus taxes
Raventos I Blanc Isabel Negra @ Rs 3830 plus taxes
Raventos I Blanc is imported to India by Aspri Spirits Pvt Ltd.

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