The spirit of Roberto Cavalli


Roberto_Cavalli_Bottles.jpg“The Roberto Cavalli Vodka is a lifestyle extension of the Roberto Cavalli brand,” said soft-spoken Tommaso Cavalli, the eldest son of Roberto Cavalli, the famous Italian fashion designer. Brinda Gill met Tommaso in Pune at the launch of Cavalli’s designer vodka, at Mix@36, The Westin, on November 26, 2010. Describing the vodka as very clear, smooth and sophisticated, Tommaso said it was the first ultra-premium vodka produced in Italy and was very very connected to his father, his name, his image, and to glamour.

“The Roberto Cavalli Vodka is made from the purest water flowing from the slopes of the Monte Rosa, the finest quality grains grown in the valley where the south-western Alps meet the River Po and goes through a meticulous distillation process followed by filtration through layers of flakes of Italian Carrara marble.
“The Roberto Cavalli Vodka offers an extraordinary experience. It is part of the new segment of super premium vodkas. It has been very well appreciated internationally and specially in traditional vodka drinking countries like Russia and Ukraine.”
The spirit comes in a stylish, tall, slim frosted bottle, tapering slightly in the centre, with a serpent in relief coiled around it and an animal print motif, from the designer’s collection, embellishing its surface. Special large bottles have illuminated coasters on which they are placed for an enhanced effect.
The Roberto Cavalli Vodka is priced at Rs 1,185 for 50 ml, Rs 9,950 for 750 ml, and Rs 18, 595 for 1500 ml in Pune. It is solely distributed by Aspri Spirits in India.

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