2008 – An unexpectedly seductive vintage for Pomerol

gazinpom.jpg Going by the latest reports from Bordeaux, the 2008 vintage shows signs of being a positive one for Pomerol, despite complicated flowering and the unfavourable weather conditions that might have brought on the threat of disease, particularly downy mildew. Pictured to the left is Château Gazin.

However, the three months of summer were drier than average and created the hydric stress necessary for the production of high-quality red wines.
Since temperatures were slow to rise, the harvest was later than usual, but at the same time this meant too much hydric stress in the vines was averted. Fortunately, the vineyards also benefited from a lovely Indian summer, enabling a gradual and complete ripening of the grapes, which remained healthy throughout.
In the last days of October, as the harvest ended it turned out to be a record in length of time. For some estates, the first bunches were brought in on September 23 from young Merlot plots. Most of this variety was picked between September 29 and October 10. The later-ripening Cabernet Franc took advantage of the sunny, cool weather, reaching ideal ripeness between October 6 and 17.
Lastly, for some estates, the few rows of Cabernet Sauvignon were harvested late in October, but
also with grapes in excellent condition. As for crop size, it is low to very low -around 25 to 35 hl/ha.
Whatever potential profit was lost, was offset by gains in quality. The profile of the wines prior to malolactic fermentation is reported to be one of incredible freshness and classicism. The colour is very dense. Very ripe fruit is accompanied by elegant notes of spices and flowers. The tannins are powerful and in balance. The producers did not attempt greater extraction, preferring to keep as much finesse as possible.
The precocity of the Merlot grape and the early-ripening character of the Pomerol terroir enabled producers to escape the disadvantages of a late vintage: indeed, they are optimistic about the future quality of their wines.
The nine estates of Pomerol Séduction: Beauregard, Clinet, Clos du Clocher, Gazin, La Conseillante Mazeyres, Petit-Village, Rouget, Vieux Maillet

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