Wine making is easy after 200 years!

Kapil Grover of Grover Vineyards was quoted in a Hindustan Times article the other day about a new Vir Sanghvi show. He said, “Wine making is easy and only the first 200 years are difficult.” He added, “I wish I could live to enjoy the easy part.”
After that he went onto say that 80% of their exports go to France. It is a good sign that Indian wine is selling in France especially since wine production in India is not 200 years old!

Vir Sanghvi is doing a six part TV show for the discovery channel on food and wine. His fifth episode is titled, “India Uncorked” and covers Indian wine exports and a trip to Grover Vineyards where he interviews Kapil Grover. Sanghvi confesses to having difficulty in sniffing the bouquet in wine. Our advice to him – don’t worry too much about the bouquet, just enjoy the wine!


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