Wine decides the menu says French chef Bernard Danc


French chef Bernard Dance’s priorities are clear. The wine precedes, and decides the food to follow. That sounds radical; but after all, he is working at Möet and Chandon’s Chateau de Saran, the company’s private centre for entertaining a select few. Visiting Mumbai and Delhi, he elaborates on pairing wine with Indian food.

I have to create dishes in conjunction with the wine, so I begin with the wine. To start with, I sit with the winemaker, for he is the individual who knows everything about wine. At Möet and Chandon, we follow this system of starting with the wine. There are a few other places in France that follow this system, too, especially in Burgundy and Bordeaux. And now people are first choosing the wine they would like to have, and then asking what food they can have with it. In the US, at some restaurants you can carry your wine and ask for food that will go well with it. For more read Wine decides the Menu at Express Hospitality.


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