Wine Barrel Jumping, a new poster for a lost mural


postersi.jpgOne of the last traditional poster artists from France, Jean-Pierre Got
creates, paints and prints advertisement posters for vineyards, wine firms and wine events on-commission around the world. For almost seventy years, “Les Caves Fleury“, one of the oldest wine merchants in Bordeaux had a large painting adorning their outdoor cellar walls. The mural was painted in the 1930s by famous French art deco poster artist, Jean Dupas (1882-1964).

Unfortunately, with time paint chipped away and the artwork finally disappeared. Got has been asked to ‘revive’ that lost advertisement for a commemorative poster, using an old postcard of a Dupas painting as inspiration.
On “Le matin d’un Faune”, Satyre jumps joyfully over a wooden vat in the rising sun, holding the wine cup of the négociant or wine merchant and the grape of the éleveur, who blends and further refines the wine.
Got will be exhibiting “50 Wine Posters” at Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon in Solvang, California from May 6 to 10.
Jean-Pierre Got,


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