What type of wine drinker are you?


In an interesting article for Business Standard, Alok Chandra talks about the different types of wine drinkers namely the enthusiasts, the traditionalists, the image seekers, savvy shoppers, satisfied sippers, and the overwhelmed drinkers. He explains that most Indians fall into the last category picking up whatever wine is pushed or catches their eye.
Read the article at Business Standard. Alok Chandra is also a Sommelier India contributor. For more information on the different types of wine drinkers learn about the original study at Decanter.


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  1. This is a cool way to categorise wine drinkers. I think I am a combination of savvy shopper and enthusiast. I live in Bay Area in California with close proximity to few of the big wine regions – Napa Valley and Sonoma. That gives me lots of opportunity to try out wines from these areas, but more than half of my wine consumption comes from the wines from France, Australia (lots, I am a big fan of Shiraz), Spain, Chile etc.
    Whenever I visit India I always try local wines and so far I have never been disappointed.
    So I am very open to trying out different wines. There are so many available and we should always keep looking out for the ones that we will like as compared to always relying on what others are recommending. It is important to see what goes with your palate as each person has different taste. I try wines that are 90 points or above by Wine Spectator (which can translate into paying more money for the wine) but I do not always like these. And also cost of the wine is not always related to quality.
    I would recommend to try the wine tasting events whenever available, so that you get to try out a whole lot for a reasonable price and make up your own mind.
    Also, I would suggest staying away from pairing food with wine to begin with. Eventually you would do it, but in the beginning it can be confusing in many ways. I have been drinking wine now for last 7 years and it took me quite a while to appreciate the right pairing. I would suggest sipping wine before dinner with some light appetizers rather than worrying about what wine to serve with the kind of food I have today. That way you have more options available. Once you start to understand and appreciate the taste, go for pairing it with dinner. But according my opinion, that is a long way to go.
    Next time I visit India I am definitely interested in trying out lots of wine as I keep reading about them now and lots more is available. I would be interested in finding out about wine tasting events in Bombay which I hope would be plenty.
    Just my two cents here 🙂
    I am excited about wine industry in India and really glad the way you guys are putting effort to promote it.

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