Travelling with wine as your guide


LPVisiting wine regions is exhilarating, as you walk through vineyards and soak in the beautiful bucolic landscape. But if you don’t have all the information about the region handy, things can go a little awry.

Targeting wine enthusiasts around the world, Lonely Planet’s travel guide series, which is a hit with budget travellers, has come out with “Wine Trails: 52 Perfect Weekends in Wine Country”. The 320-page illustrated guide covers 52 of the world’s foremost and upcoming wine regions and 327 wineries from 20 different countries.

In addition to information on wineries to visit, places to stay and restaurants, there are stunning photographs and easy-to-read maps. Popular regions like Napa and Sonoma, Tuscany, Burgundy and Rioja are covered as well as the lesser-known ones like Georgia, Lebanon and Slovenia.

Interestingly, there’s no mention of Bordeaux in the guide. Probably, because it’s difficult to describe in a few pages and a full guide ought to be dedicated to this prominent French region. India is conspicuous by its absence, too, although its wine culture is on the upswing with more Indians drinking wine and several wineries winning accolades at international competitions and attracting tourists for weekend visits.

“Wine Trails – 52 Perfect Weekends in Wine Country”
Price $ 24. Publisher Lonely
Lonely Planet wine guide Planet.



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