Tips on tipping on wine at a restaurant


frenchwinewaiter1a.jpgAre you wondering how much to tip on wine at a restaurant? What if you ordered a really expensive wine would you still top it up with a tip? Apparently, there’s no established tipping etiquette when it comes to wine. And even the experts aren’t really sure what the right amount to tip is. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not tip at all.

More by default than anything else most wine lovers tip 20% on the total bill irrespective of the cost of the wine versus the food costs. Most restaurants would be disappointed if you tipped 10-15% on the wine unless the wine component of the bill was unusually large.
A practice you can adopt as a rule of thumb – if the restaurant sommelier gave you thoughtful, astute advice and if the wine was poured with the requisite ceremony into each glass in perfect proportions then you may want to tip a little more generously than normally. It all comes down to service after all.


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