The Third Wave in India’s Wine Industry


Sommelier India contributor Alok Chandra nicely frames the maturity of India’s wine industry in an article for Business Standard. He explains the first wave of winemakers were the pioneers Indage (1986), Grover (1992) and Sula (1999) who were passionate and driven.
The second wave was started in Maharashtra in 2001 when the state liberalized wine-making, making it easier to obtain winery licenses resulting in the creation of vineyards like Vinsura, Flamingo, Renaissance, Sailo, ND, Mark Anthony and Mohini.
And finally, the third wave in his opinion is just getting under way. This wave is marked by the entry of major companies or professionals that are well funded and know the Indian spirits market well. All in all, it is well understood that the Indian wine market is in an explosive phase. We’re just waiting for Indian retail to catch up now.


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