The real Indian story sweet & sour. Can you help?

cansupport.jpg World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand, discussed how Indians are perceived globally in a Times of India article. He argued that there are two differing perceptions. The first is driven by economics and cites a German mayor who told him that he liked Indian tourists because they stayed in expensive hotels and drank fine wine.

The second perception is based on media articles that highlight the dowry, infanticide and caste violence. Anand emphasizes that there are in fact two Indias. The India that the Incredible India ad campaign showcases and a darker one. He feels that the real story in India is not always sweet or always sour but a combination of both. Anand believes that every Indian can contribute to making the country stronger and sweeter.
The fledgling Indian wine industry can also contribute and some companies already do. Others are struggling to stay profitable while the government chokes them with legal restrictions. But we hope that when given opportunities, the producers, importers, distributors and hospitality professionals will not only showcase the glossy sides of India but also try to help improve the darker side. Here at Sommelier India, we plan to contribute in our own small way by highlighting good causes. The first is CanSupport which helps advanced cancer patients receive appropriate physical, emotional, social and spiritual support. Visit their website and learn how you can help.


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