Targeting the Common Man


Grover Vineyards has a new target market in the common man. After having spent several years producing premium wines, Kapil Grover has decided that it is important to offer something to the rest of the market as well. Grover Vineyards will soon be selling low end wines that cost Rs.250 each only. According to Kapil Grover, these wines will not be made with table grapes but with economically priced grapes from Nashik.
In a recent Indian Express article about Grover Vineyards, Sanjay Menon, MD of Sansula Wines said, ” There are a lot of companies in it just for the money. But wine doesn’t lie and to me there’s an honesty about the Grover business. Their business will get its first expert when Kapil’s daughter Karishma returns from her viticulture degree at UC Davis, California.”
Here at Sommelier India, we want the Indian wine market to grow quickly. So expect us to be watching the Grover initiative closely.


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