Reva Singh’s Sip of the Day – The July issue of SI


Here’s another content rich issue of Sommelier India The Wine Magazine to see you through the next few weeks with articles on a host of interesting subjects. Jancis Robinson writes compellingly as usual… this time on the merits and demerits of varietal blending in wine. Kavita Faiella is a new columnist who writes on wine from a woman’s perspective.

Other articles may inspire you to take to the road and explore the regions where the wine comes from – whether Old or New World, Italy or Australia, there’s nothing quite like drinking wine with the people who produce it and put so much passion into its production from vineyard to bottle.
I often buy a magazine for the sake of one article or a favourite columnist. I hope you’ll find lots of reasons to buy this issue. Click on the Table of Contents and find out what’s in store. Back from Austria with lots to talk about, not to mention some amazing meals and wine. You get a small whiff of it in the issue.


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