Protect your wines during the hot summer


delhitemp1.jpgWith temperatures rising across India, it is imperative that you keep your wines appropriately cooled so that they taste their very best when you open them. Keeping them in a dark corner or just stashing them in your fridge amid your raitas and left-over chicken curry may not be good enough. A wine fridge maybe needed. Here are some temperature recommendations.

Full bodied red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon should be kept at 15-18°C. Medium bodied reds like Burgundy wines and those of the Sangiovese grape at 14-17°C and light bodied red wines at 10-12°C. The full bodied whites like Chardonnay at 12-16°C, the medium bodied whites like Chablis at 10-12°C and the light bodied whites like Sauvignon Blanc at 8-12°C. Champagne and sparkling wine should be kept even cooler at 6-10°C.


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