Pouring over Asimov and Rolland


One of our favourite wine blogs is The Pour written by Eric Asimov of the New York Times. Every few days he pens his experiences in the world of wine. You hear about his wine holidays, his wine adventures (and misadventures!) and how the world of wine is evolving through his personal experiences in it.
The other day he wrote about Michel Rolland whom he considers the world’s most famous (or only famous) wine consultant. Some of you may remember as Asimov points out that Michel Rolland advises Grover Vineyards along with a hundred other winemakers. But Rolland was also depicted as a “villian” in Jonathan Nossiter’s documentary “Mondovino” last year. His crime? He advises his clients to make wines that sell which are invariably rich, full bodied and with high alcohol levels. Do you think there’s good for the wine industry? Take a look at the interview and tell us what you think..
On a side note, when we met Michel Rolland last year, he told us that there was enough material for 1,000 issues of Sommelier India! Like him or hate him, you certainly cannot question his passion for wine.


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