New sensation for the palate


A new sensation for the palate comes from the Canary Islands, which has a history of winemaking going back to the 15th century. A family vineyard in northern Tenerife is using its speciality Macho vinegars to flavour gourmet chocolates. The owner of Bodegas Monje, Felipe Monje, hit upon the idea when talking to local chocolate maker El Aderno.

The resulting Bombón de Vinagre come in two flavours – sweet or strong – both in the same box. Felipe says the taste intensifies if the chocolates are taken with a glass of sweet, straw-coloured Monje Moscatel, one of ten different wines currently in production there. The vineyard also does tastings, with Felipe’s wife, Dolores, catering for visitors with traditional Canarian dishes.
— Sandra Westbrooke


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