Giving away your secrets with the wines you drink!


The wines you drink actually tell a lot about you. For example, drinking Pinot Noir makes you a person who is knowledgeable and with a fondness for luxuries. Pinot Noir drinkers like to charm and seduce but can also be moody. Shiraz fans on the other hand, like a good story and love meeting up with old friends.
So what are you telling people about yourself by your choices in wine? Read on to find whether you should be drinking your favorite wine in public or quietly in your solitary splendor at home!

Chardonnay – While you’ll probably drink just about anything so long as it’s alcoholic, you like Chardonnay best because like you, it’s stood the test of time – even if it’s not quite cool anymore. You’re dependable, modest and admired for your steadfast beliefs…if a little feared for your tendency to slip into control-freak mode when under pressure. Likely hangout: Power lunches, couch in front of the telly.
Sauvignon Blanc – You are sweet natured, easy going and like things to be as uncomplicated as possible. You’re a hard worker but you still consider yourself a bit of a ‘hipster’ – you want to be young forever and tend to agonise over big life decisions longer than most. However, once the big decisions are made you sure can celebrate! Likely hangout: End of the bar lamenting how you suddenly became so old.
Pinot Gris – You’re the sort of person others like to have around. You are easy and undemanding and effortlessly fit in to various social situations, you big flirt. If you were to have a small weakness, it would be your enslavement to fashion and your love of a good bit of juicy gossip. Likely hangout: Any kind of official opening for something cool, bars where you can sit close enough to eavesdrop.
From Wine Fairy, a New Zealand wine website.
Riesling – You consider yourself to be a bit of an intellectual, but love to have a good time when you’re in company. Nothing ever gets past you either – you’re perceptive and know what makes the people around you tick. You’re not scared of using this to your advantage. Likely hangout: Festival events, after work drinks, anywhere you can work the room.
Viognier – You ooze sophistication and style and more than a hint of smoky mystic, but mostly you just like being able to drink a wine most people struggle to pronounce the name of. Likely hangout: Posh restaurants, ‘concept’ buildings.
Pinot Noir – Knowledgeable and fond of your luxuries, you like to charm and seduce, but can be a tad moody at times. You are driven to achieve success but at the same time are a bit of a romantic who craves the quite life. Likely hangout: Dinner parties, the back yard watching the sun go down.
Shiraz – You’re honest and dependable and people like you for this – even if you do put your foot in your mouth from time to time with the bluntness of your observations. You like a good yarn and are seldom happier than when catching up with an old friend. Likely hangout: Gastro pubs, the kitchen, at a mate’s place.
Merlot – You’re easy-going, tend to go with the flow and don’t mind being organised so long as it results in having a good time. Most common words to come out of your mouth are likely to be along the lines of “Wherever you like” or “I’ll have what you’re having”. Likely hangout: Wherever you’ve been told to go.

Cabernet blends
– You have sophisticated tastes, but know the value of things, so nothing’s wasted on you. Your strong opinions can rub some people up the wrong way, but you are sincere and open minded enough to be convinced by a good argument. Likely hangout: Steak houses.
Bubbly – Demanding and high maintenance, you are all about grabbing life for the living and taking what’s yours. More than likely to be a bit manic and prone to over committing on social engagements, but your energy and enthusiasm is infectious… if a little exhausting. Likely hangout: Anywhere big enough to fit all 20 friends you invited to join you for a ‘quiet drink’.
Rose – Did somebody say party? You’re spontaneous and funny, if a little flighty. You live for summer and good times and grasp at any opportunity to keep you in that happy state of mind. Likely to agree to do things that terrify the rest of us or involve putting yourself in harms way for the rush of it. Likely hangout: Anywhere with outdoor seating, lots of people or foam.


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