Cork versus Screwcap, How much does it matter?


In a recent article for The Economic Times, Vikram Doctor discussed the Cork versus Screwcap issue. This is a subject we’ve already covered in the Sommelier India magazine as well. For the world of wine, it is an important question and a controversial one too. However, the more I read about the issue, the more I wonder how much it really matters to Indian wine drinkers.

We do not have a wine drinking culture here as yet. We haven’t been drinking wine from bottles with corks for centuries and the last thing we should be doing is adopting the wine questions of the Europeans or the Americans. Rather, we need to make wine “Indian” just as our wine producers are making Indian wines. This means that we need to understand and develop our own emerging wine drinking culture with its own traditions, styles, habits and controversies.
Here at Sommelier India, you’ll notice that in each issue of our magazine we introduce you to the world of wine but we also discuss the Indian wine scene. Corks and screwcaps matter to us because they are a discussion point in the world of wine, but other things matter too. For example, can you tell me if any wine goes with chutney? Over to you.



  1. I am a wine lover and drink often during visit at France. I bought a bootle but do not know where I can purchase a cork opener. Can you inform me the name or phone no of shop at KOLKATA where I can buy the cork-opener.

  2. Jose Saenz de Santa Maria on

    Are there any local screwcaps manufacturer in India? Do they make screwcaps for wine?
    Can I have their e-mail address and name?
    Thanks a lot!

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