Chinkara Wines bank on Roy Moorfield

roy1.jpg Roy Moorfield, the wine director of Chinkara Wines was in Delhi for a tasting earlier this week. Chinkara Wines belong to Natasha Oberoi of the Oberoi Hotels family. She established the company in 2002 to blend fine wines from grapes grown in Australia and export them to India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malayasia and other countries of Southeast Asia.

Chinkara started with a modest 500 cases but each year more and more have been exported. The wines are softer on the Indian palate and go well with spicy Indian food. They are well balanced, smooth and immensely enjoyable. These wines are available across India and most notably in the Oberoi Hotels.
Interestingly, Roy Moorfield is a father figure of the wine industry in Victoria, Australia. He founded the Exhibition of Victorian Wine Makers 27 years ago. Today he advises Chinkara Wines and helps airlines such as Cathay Pacific on their wine selections. Apparently, its not the altitude the affects a wine, it is the rattling of the plane during take off and landing.
Prior to entering the wine business, Roy worked in banking.
The exlusive tasting for Sommelier India was held at The Oberoi Enoteca and was hosted by Pierre Chollet, Brindco Marketing Manager.

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