China from Olympic Gold Medals to Wine Victories?


If some experts are to be believed, China is on track to become one of the world’s leading producers with cabernet sauvignons that could give the best Bordeaux wines a run for their money. According to a report by Berry Bros. & Rudd, England’s oldest independent wine merchant, China in 50 years will be the world’s leading wine supplier and a notable producer of top cabernet sauvignons and chardonnays to compete with the best of France.

The report titled, “The Future of Wine” says that China has all the essential ingredients to make fine wine. China is currently the 10th largest wine consumer though its increasing its in take at between 30 to 40 percent a year. If China can start making fine wine, there’s no reason why India can’t be at the forefront too. After all, in the 1950s nobody thought that fine wine would ever come out of California. Read more at GlobeandMail.


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